Protein Rich Foods for Vegetarians

Replacing the meat:  Protein rich foods for vegetarians who are committed to their lifestyle

Whether you’re turning over to a new vegetarian lifestyle, or just looking for ways to supplement your sources of protein, vegetables are a good place to start. To stay at peak health, you need to consume a certain amount of protein everyday. Fortunately, there are tons of protein rich foods for vegetarians.

This is a big hurdle for a lot of up-and-coming vegetarians. Based on an article by Healthline, the average amount of protein that a sedentary man needs is 56 grams per day. The average is different for women, which comes up to about 46 grams per day.

Now, according to the Harvard Health Medical School   , the planning needn’t be so strict  . However, it is still recommended that you get your amino acids from a variety of protein sources. As such, let’s go through two protein rich foods for vegetarians that are packed with the stuff that your body needs to function at peak health.


Grains – Quinoa

The first one we’ll be going through, is Quinoa! This source of protein is so rich, that NASA themselves are planning to grow it in space. A single cup of cooked quinoa packs about 8 grams of protein.

Not only that, but it includes all the essential amino acids that the body needs for growing and repairing muscle. You can use it as a substitute for rice, add it to soup, eat it as cereal for breakfast, and so much more!


Legumes – Green Peas

Next up, is something from the legume family. Legumes, as described by  HealthyEating   , are naturally packed with amino acids, and Green Peas are no different. It’s a source that you can add to tons of different recipes and (like Quinoa) it comes with about 8 grams of protein per cup.

Another type of legume you might be interested in, are Chickpeas. These hold a larger value of protein per cup than Green Peas – at 14.6 grams per. However, the two offer the same versatility for recipes.


Beans – Kidney Beans & Soybeans

We’re speaking a little broadly here, but beans are just a good source of protein. Our favorite types of beans are kidney beans, these can round up to about 13 grams of protein per cup of beans. Add them into your recipes or buy pre-packaged kidney beans, it doesn’t matter! Just sneak it into the occasional meal.

The last source we’re introducing, is one that is recommended by FitDay as one of the most popular meat alternatives! Tofu packs a ton of protein per cup, approximately 40 grams per! Now, if you weren’t already aware, Tofu or Tempeh, are made entirely out of soybeans.

Also, don’t worry if wary about using tofu in your recipes, it’s definitely more exotic than some of us are used to. However, it can be perfectly delicious when cooked right! In fact, they can even turn it into a dessert!

kidney beans


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